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Hodgins Traditional Sausages

  • Hand linked in natural casing

  • Traditional Recipe

  • 100% Irish Pork

  • Traditional loose sausages

  • Traditional Sausages 1lb pack

  • Cocktail Sausages

  • Jumbo Sausages

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Traditional Loose Sausages

The traditional sausages are made from the same traditional recipe hand linked in natural casing available at butcher counters and supermarkets nationwide.

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Traditional Sausages 1lb pack

Packed with succulent pork cuts and bursting with flavour from or old style receipe.

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Jumbo Sausages

An ideal snack any time of the day, these flavoursome jumbo sausages come packed in 1lb packs with 8 sausages per pack

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Cocktail Sausages

Having a party? Thrill your friends with these tasty cocktail sausages packed in 1lb packs with 27 sausages per pack